Family Law

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Family Law

The Law Offices of Vladimir A. Uman, P.C. can help you with your family law matters including divorces, allocation of parenting time and parental decision making, child support and maintenance enforcement and modification, and petitions for orders of protection.


A divorce is the process in which a couple legally dissolves their marital union, divides assets and debt acquired during the marriage, settles issues involving the minor children, child support and maintenance.

If you are looking to obtain a divorce from your spouse, our office will guide you through this process and zealously represent your interests from day one.

We are well equipped to handle all aspects of your divorce litigation through trial or settlement. We can also help you enforce the terms of your divorce decrees if you ex fails to comply, and in some cases, we can modify certain aspects of your divorce decree such as allocation of parental responsibility or support amount, based on a change in circumstances.

Parentage/Child Support

In situations where the parents of minor children are not married, Illinois law has procedures in place by which parents can establish paternity of their children, receive child support where applicable, and have the court allocate parenting time and decision making responsibilities.

Illinois law also provides an opportunity for certain persons legally presumed to be fathers of minor children who are not in fact the biological fathers, to establish the non-existence of a parent child- relationship, and thus avoid being obligated to pay support for a child that is not theirs.

Orders of Protection

Tragically, there are many people that suffer emotional and physical abuse at the hands of their partners.

If you are the victim of domestic violence, there are a number of steps you can take to protect yourself and your children. The Law Offices of Vladimir A. Uman, P.C. can help you obtain an order of protection or other appropriate relief from the Court to protect you and your family from an abuser.

By the same token, the entry of an order of protection can have serious consequences for the defendant. The order may show up in background searches and hinder certain employment and licensing opportunities.

If you are a defendant to a petition for an order of protection and believe that the accusations against you are unfounded, our office will spare no effort in fighting to protect your reputation and rights under the law.